When climbing gets

tough, Easy Climb

gets going.



Easy Climb is a small new established firm placed in Hedehusene near Roskilde. It is an individually owned firm run by Frankie Thomsen, who established the firm in September l994.

The firm produces technical aids for handicapped people, though the primary product and pride is the: Stairway machine: Easy Climb.

As a driver and safety representative in a big haulage contracting business in Copenhagen, mainly dealing with transportation of handicapped people, I am dealing with stairway transportation everyday. Therefore, the need to solve the problem has been obvious to me.

Naturally, my consideration is both the wheelchair clients as well as the backproblems of the helpers and haulage contractors.

Unfortunately,  technical aids upto now have had their limitation, causing inconvenience to both wheelchair clients as well as helpers and haulage contractors.


After 3 years of intensive work, I am now able to present an up to date solution to the problems: "Easy Climb".



The keyword for Easy Climb is: maximum flexibility. Easy Climb can force all kinds of steps and carry all types of wheelchairs.


Daily transportation of wheelchair clients on steps has been a doubtful pleasure for everybody involved, but an innovation is finally available. Restrictions and rules have been tightened and the demand for transportation increased. Therefore, new thinking and innovation within the public services and among haulage contractors have been necessary.


A new philosophy

Easy Climb is a new developement, which right from the start is created by experts, who know of transport problems. Therefore, the construction is both simple, brilliant thought out and functional. It has a complete set of important advantages:

  • Easy Climb forces all types of steps - even winding staircaises.

  • Easy Climb can be used for all types of wheel- and sedanchairs.

  • Easy Climb climbs smoothly up and down stairs.

  • Easy Climb is effective - it climbs 56 steps a minute.

  • Easy climb has a great power capacity, giving large radius of action.

  • Easy climb is compact and very easy to operate.

  • Easy climb has a great load capacity.

  • Easy Climb can also be used for transportation of goods, white goods, furnitures and many other things.

By creating Easy Climb, we have succeded in creating a brand new standard of comfortable stairway transportation.

At the same time, it has been of importance for us to keep the expences at a low level, which makes Easy climb an extremely attractive alternative for public services, haulage contractors, rest homes and many others.

Easy Climb is patented and registered.


Easy Climb - Step by Step


Easy Climb gets going

when climbing gets tough


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